Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why do my games cost so much?

"Many people have been complaining about the $60 price tag for next-gen console games. Forbes takes time to explain why."

Don't buy $60 games. I haven't paid more than $35 for a 360 game and all of my games are like new, complete with cases and manuals. The 360 has a high software attach rate and with so many games out there so fast, second hand copies drop in price even faster.

I got like new copies of Gears of War and Dead Rising for $35 shipped and just recently found Lost Planet at a steal of a price, $25 shipped, a game which came out not more than two months ago and obviously still retails at $60 new.

Amazon, eBay, Cheapassgamer, Tradegamesnow, GameTZ, etc. these sites are your friends! Most gaming forums also have trading boards/threads, use them and save. A little work on your part will save you quite a bit in the long run.

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