Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Live for Windows pricing revealed Pt. 2

When I submitted this, there were no details on how Live for Windows allowed online play with Silver.

So apparently Live for Windows is aimed at Xbox 360 gamers who already have a Gold account, but they're not playing these games on Vista, they're playing them on 360, so I don't understand the logic to this. Paying for Gold as a PC gamer apparently only nets you achievements, which seems like a stupid thing to have to pay for, since it's just an irrelevant number (I say this as someone with a gamerscore of more than 10k).

I can't see Live for Windows going anywhere, there's no reason to get it as a PC gamer and one of the main draws of a 360 is the ability to play PC games on a console for a lower price, so why would 360 gamers go for this?

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