Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Been an 'All Out War' on Pot Smokers for 35 Years

"Since 1972, U.S. taxpayers have spent well over $20 billion enforcing criminal marijuana laws and 16.5 million people have been arrested. It's time to put an end to this waste."

Try 70 years. The marijuana tax act was passed in 1937.

Though I hate to jump on the Bush-bashing bandwagon, the Bush administration is steadfast on wasting as much money as possible. These politicians do NOT care about their citizens health and safety. Ignoring meth and going after pot (which they call a gateway drug despite the fact it's been disproved countless times) is one of the most despicable acts that this administration has ever done.

Compare the beloved stereotypical Cheech & Chong to meth heads. There simply is no comparison and the amount of ignorance shown by the constant prosecution of cannabis over real issues is disgusting.

Yet still cannabis remains a schedule I drug, equated to heroin, whilst coke and meth are schedule II drugs. This overwhelming ignorance is politically based and has no relation to science.

For those who are steadfast against cannabis, saying there are synthetic drugs like Marinol out there. Ask Peter McWilliams how well they work:
By himself, he has proven that Marinol is more deadly than cannabis.

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