Friday, May 4, 2007

As a Society

As a society everyone is doped up on drugs; legal, illegal, prescription, over the counter. Alcohol is heavily intertwined in our society, it's at pretty much every social event from people in their teens getting wasted to old farts drinking wine with their mush. Caffeine loves fuckin' with soda and coffee drinkers, not to mention those goddamn energy drinks, jesus christ some people down those like water. Can't concentrate? Take a pill. Stressed? Take a pill. Got a headache? Take a pill. Can't sleep? Take a pill. Bleeding from every orifice? There's probably a pill for that too.

People are dumb, they don't know moderation. People think that just because it's legal or available means that you can do it every day. That's why you see everyone in a stupid SUV and people driving friggin military vehicles just to go get groceries. Addicts lined up at Dunkin Donuts every morning waiting for their caffeine fix. Parents buying Happy Meals for their screaming brats that have the nutritional equivalent of newspaper and a caffeine saturated drink of liquid-sugar. Processed, manufactured, boxed shit loaded with preservatives, that's the way our society works, because eating healthy is just too much of a hassle, but there's always time to vote on American Idol.

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