Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Xbox 360 failure rate estimated around 33%!

"EB Games held conference calls for its Canadian stores informing them of the extended warranty policy changes and revealing alarming failure rates of the Xbox 360. “The real numbers were between 30 to 33 percent,” said former EB Games employee Matthieu G., adding that failure rate was even greater for launch consoles."

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Been waiting a month for my 2nd dead system to come back, double the wait the first time it broke. It's just annoying as hell having a $400 piece of electronics equipment that can die randomly, not to mention the $480 version isn't even any safer, plus they still haven't fixed the d-pad.

MS cheaped out, (yet sells us pictures at pure profit) and we all have to suffer for their mistakes. The Core pack was an ominous sign more people should have paid attention to. Unfortunately for us, hardware quality didn't seem like a high priority compared to a 2005 launch and being able to turn a profit within 2 years.

Inconvenience = unhappy consumers who will not stay loyal forever. In addition to getting great games this fall, the PS3 is a more capable machine with a solid design, Blu-ray's larger disc space and a standard hard drive. The Wii is just unstoppable and MS is helping keep it that way.

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